Thursday, November 11, 2010


Im not really sure how im going to go about this blog.  I don't really even know how i just got this inner drive to bake.  I dont have a background in family does...i never did...watching food network and going on blogs i got inspired to try it for myself.  I love cookies and body doesn't, but making them is fun....

I am learning...but im really enjoying it....and so are my co-workers and my husband's co-workers ;)  I have been sending them with hubby and taking them to work with me for others to i can continue to fit in my clothes ;)

My mom is a great cook/baker.  So was my grandmother.  Coming from an Italian background, it is second hand to them.  My sister is also an amazing baker/cake maker...she has the creativeness and the patience for the tedious things...i dont know how she does it....examples....

I dont think i can ever be that good..

So besides that,  i know what my limitations are as a beginner. 

EATING the cakes and the cookies and the food...that is the easy part...making them myself?   That is where it gets interesting :)  So, here I am...38 years old....and finding a new joy in baking.  Who knows where it will go...or how long before i scream and give up...but i am going to give it a try...and i will see where it takes me.

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  1. Can't wait to read more! I bet you will get there!

    Just a note on Itzy's kitchen. Mandi & I (Erica) - both write the blog. Her posts start with M: and mine start with E:. I'm the preggers ;) I think we made that a little bit confusing (you're definitely not the first one to mix it up!)